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Better Coaching. More Clients. Bigger Difference.

I'm on a mission to help coaches highlight what's most meaningful and unique about them so they can do their best work with more people. 

With a signature coaching approach:

  • You’re more confident in your expertise and less vulnerable to fear and doubt
  • You stand out from the crowd without looking silly or sounding fake
  • You know you’re making a difference with the people and issues that you care most about

And best of all, both you AND your clients get better results!

See Things Differently

I help self-employed professional coaches fill their practice with the people they do their best work with. With more than 20 years of successful coaching experience, my signature approach blends deep listening, fresh perspectives and insightful observations with simple, sustainable business strategies.

“Working with Kathy has helped me expose more of my blind spots -- the areas where I didn’t know what I didn’t know. My investment has come back to me 10-fold!”

Deborah Munhoz


“Since we started together, business turnover has more than trebled. I made the shift from independent professional to CEO of a growing GmbH. I feel delighted by this development since I know it means that my work can continue after I am no longer here to do it.”

CJ Fitzsimons


“Kathy is the best coach I could ever dream to have in my journey as a coach, as a person, as a woman and a spiritual being. Working with her is all about pure JOY and PROSPERITY.”

Patricia Gozlan


“Your process is different than anything I've ever seen and made sense for me and my business. You were the first coach I have had the opportunity to work with that understands business models, coaching, and the challenges of building a business out of a coaching practice.”

Greg Dickson


“Kathy is a gem who brings positivity, caring and joy into the world. I feel much surer about the direction I want to go in and what steps to take. ”

Jackie Huntly


“I felt supported, empowered, pulled forward, freed-up, relieved, excited, connected, enlivened and inspired. Working together had me launch myself back into the workforce and had me generating income freely for the first time in 10 years!”

Lizzie Gray


“The thing to know about Kathy is that she's really amazing at what she does. She often brings in a perspective, knowledge or strategy that hadn't been thought of or mentioned yet.”

Mark Silver


“I have manifested for myself exactly what I wanted. I'm fully-booked with work that makes me happy, pays me well, and for which I feel valued and recognized. It's really been a turn-around for me!”

Hollis Thomases

“Working with Kathy was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I redefined my business and how I work with people. I was able to completely update my business model, my messaging and my enrollment strategy. I’m having more fun with my business!”

Ellen Albertson


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