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With Kathy Mallary
Client Stories

I've had the good fortune of working with some of the best people! I feel it's important to align myself and my company with people, products and brands that I believe in.  For additional information, or to contact me to talk about how we may work together, please visit my Coaching or Contact pages.

Here are what a few of the people who have worked with me have had to say:

My investment has come back to me 10 fold!  

Working with Kathy has helped me expose more of my blind spots -- the areas where I didn’t know what I didn’t know. The concept of moving from my area of Expertise to my zone of Genius has helped me to see what the best and highest use of my skills is. That matters to me as I have had a sense there is something more, but couldn’t quite put my finger on what. My investment has come back to me 10 fold!

Deborah Munhoz

The system works! 
Greg Dickson

Your process is different than anything I've ever seen and made sense for me and my business. You were the first coach I have had the opportunity to work with that understands business models, coaching, and the challenges of building a business out of a coaching practice. Your products and coaching are excellent. Your process, tools, and modules progressively build on one another. The system works.

Greg Dickson

The single most important breakthrough to date 
Ariane Goodwin

Kathy is quite simply one of the savviest, smartest, most “kick-your-ass” coaches you will ever find. I’ve been working with her for almost 5 years now and can’t imagine a week going by without her clarity of focus, advice and coaching.

Recently, I came to her with a tactical problem regarding one of my clients. In working out the nitty gritty details of how to deal with the issue, out came some of my own inner mythologies. With Kathy's coaching, I was able to uncover a core aspect of my genius zone.

That, in turn, led to the discovery of a key element of my new brand (not what I “thought” I came to this session for!), which unlocked a door of joy and deep satisfaction that has become the single most important breakthrough I’ve had to date in my coaching business.

Kathy, my dearest coach, your genius helped me uncover mine. How on earth could I ever put a price on that??

Ariane Goodwin

Lyle Lachmuth

The coaching session was extremely useful because of Kathy's exceptional ability to listen and 'push back' when I needed it. That made me think and dig deeper and helped me see a path I could take.

It was just what I needed. Kathy was persistent in helping me get into the core of my question...a tough love approach.

Now I have a next step to take and an overall way to approach the next few steps; a hell of a lot more clarity than when I started; and peace of mind. Priceless!!

Lyle Lachmuth

In-depth marketing analysis 
Melanie Yost

Kathy performed an in depth marketing analysis for my business and helped me create a streamlined marketing plan and sales funnel to easily encourage ideal clients to invest with me and the “tire kickers” to make a decision or move on.

For the first time ever, I truly understand how to create an autoresponder series that identifies qualified prospects and moves them through the buying process in a way that respects their needs and honors my time, knowledge and expertise.

Melanie Yost

My subscriptions increased 50% 

My subscriptions increased in the very first month by 50%, and I created a 2-day live workshop and a signature talk, as well. I recommend this program to any coach who wants to take their business to the next level.

Jacquie Moses

Dig down to the real root of a situation 
Nikki Brown

I recently had the pleasure of being coached by Kathy Mallary. I brought a potentially painful and emotional situation to the call and was not exactly looking forward to dealing with it.

Kathy's intuitive coaching helped me connect the dots and realize how my assumptions about what "should be" are causing much of my pain. I came away from the call feeling much more hopeful and energized and I discovered a way to clarify what I really want.

Not only did the coaching help me develop a greater awareness about what was causing my problems, it was also surprising that the session wasn't nearly as painful or emotional as I had feared.

I truly appreciate Kathy's energy, insight and incredible ability to dig down to the real root of a situation.

Nikki Brown

Love my new biz model! 

I LOVED our session and especially how you stuck with me until I finally was able to see what I've kept in hiding.

There was that almost gut wrenching moment when it felt like you had just pulled the plug in the bath tub! Sccchlurp! Joyous relief, or was it release?

You're good, Kathy, warm, fun, a great listener and great 'putter-together' of gathered information which is priceless!

I also love my new biz model, flexible, portable, simple (especially simple!) Mwah! So glad we had this time together, thanks so much from the bottom of my grateful heart.

Joan Bell

Powerful, calm, transformative 
Sally Branch

I wanted your help because I was feeling stuck with indecision and over-thinking; not knowing if the problem was not knowing that I wanted, or not taking action when I did know!

I came away with clarity, much needed ease, and confidence in myself. A different way of seeing the situation, which freed me up to see alternatives I simply couldn't see before.

Specifically, I was helped to see that I was only using one part of myself (head) to consider the issue. Using the others (heart and higher self) has helped me to slow down and live in the moment more.

As a result, I'm able to have the best of both worlds, instead of "either/or". I'm relying less on thinking alone; I can access my heart also and trust that I do know what I want. I no longer am pressuring myself to do difficult things or to do what I "should".

I'm surprised that I could have such a shift in a short period of time! The experience was powerful, calm and transformative. A lovely element was the mix of spiritual and practical, via a do-able exercise that really showed me how to access my heart. Thank you so much!

Sally Branch

You are VERY good at what you do! 
Elaine Lockard

I was seeking clarity and ideas around a new endeavor in my business. I knew I was not proceeding in a way that felt right for me and in a way that was not profitable but was more a waste of my time, energy and budget.

The coaching was fun, informative and motivational. It was a pleasant surprise that we jelled so well together -- and how the ideas flowed!

I came away with more clarity and some fantastic ideas. You really got my intellectual juices flowing. I now have ideas that are more tagible and workable and I have renewed passion and motivation that I was not on a wrong track, but had just strayed a bit.

You also helped me correct an error in my thinking about just what a signature system is, which was confounding me and blocking my progress because it felt like I was never going to have one or that what I was considering did not fit the model I thought it should.

I so enjoyed our session. You are VERY good at what you do! Thank you again so very much -- this was perfect for me!!!

Elaine Lockard

Accelerate your revenues  
Simon Allard

Kathy has the heart of a warrior when it comes to providing support for her clients and she totally has your back... always! Her incisive business mind and coaching elegance is breath taking at times. Add this to her no-nonsense, practical understanding of how to build and market a coaching business, and you have all you need to both accelerate your revenues and deepen your joy of coaching. 

Simon Allard

Transformed my business 
Heather Mundell

I’m a raving fan of Kathy Mallary, and here’s a little bit about why.

I signed up for the Empowerment Group for Coaches to help me develop a marketing system and signature products for both an established coaching business and a brand new coaching business (which, incidentally, Kathy was instrumental in helping me design from scratch.)

Not only did being part of the group give me the information and tools I needed to get all this marketing and product development accomplished, but I received the inspiration and support to break through several key barriers that were keeping me from reaching my highest potential.

This was big!

Kathy is an expert in marketing and sustainable business models who is also an extremely perceptive and effective coach. She is particularly adept at helping people get unstuck, think creatively and make huge paradigm shifts. Plus, she’s a bunch of fun!

The group coaching was exactly the support I needed to transform my coaching businesses. It attracted like-minded coaches who jelled immediately, and it was a very special community. I highly recommend this group for any seasoned coach who is ready to kick things into high gear while learning from and supporting other great coaches!

Heather Mundell

Dorothy Nesbit

Even with twenty years working in the field of leadership development and any number of delighted clients I still have room to grow my business and that’s why I signed up to Kathy’s programme. 

I especially wanted to pull together my various marketing efforts (my newsletter, website and blog etc.) to create a well-oiled marketing machine that I know is working for me and for my clients.

Right from the beginning I knew that I wanted to spend time understanding the concept of “niche” and defining my own niche.  Kathy’s materials have been clear and comprehensive and  I am finding our one-to-one coaching invaluable as I move from understanding the concepts to using them to define a niche in which I bring the best of myself to the deep and lasting benefit of my clients. 

In addition, the course structure (including Action Traction sheets and membership of the wider group) provide a sense of solidarity and support – and accountability!

Dorothy Nesbit

A renewed sense of enthusiasm and hope 
Linda Dessau

Kathy let me talk out what I needed to say, and then precisely and respectfully pinpointed my stuck points. She helped me see and acknowledge the positive elements of my situation and look gently and honestly at my next steps.

I feel a renewed sense of enthusiasm and hope for my business, and most importantly I feel  more confidence in myself. Thank you, Kathy!

Linda Dessau

A great resource for coaches 
Jenn Givler

Wow. I just read your ebook and it's a great resource for anyone in a coaching business. Whether you've been coaching for a while, and you're frustrated and struggling building your practice, or, you're just starting out - this report will give you practical advice to help you create a successful practice.

What I really like about this report is that it outlines a simple but effective process that you can begin implementing as soon as you're done reading. In my practice, I'm big on people seeing results from the guidance I provide. Kathy is a woman after my own heart - follow this report and you will no doubt see results.

Jenn Givler

Top-notch content, collaboration and coaching 
Sandra Jones

As a solo-preneur faced with the challenge of a major business make-over, I found you invaluable in helping me be true to the best of what I have to offer while letting the rest drop away.

You provided top-notch content, collaboration and coaching, as well as tools and examples to point me in the right direction and expand my thinking.

I now have significantly greater clarity about my niche market, how to talk with them and how to serve them. I also have a wonderful new course that I love delivering!

Sandra Jones

It was fabulous! 
Brenda Stanton

I absolutely loved the strategy session - you really do know your stuff - and you totally "get it"!!! Thank you not only for pulling out the stuff I didn't even know existed but providing excellent advice/suggestions based on your experience. It was fabulous.

I walked away feeling 10 pounds lighter - I felt totally trustful of you and your style made me feel so at ease.

Brenda Stanton

A special balance of spirituality and fun 
Patricia Klingler

Your process is simple, yet profound in design. You are truly committed to my success in a way that respects my uniqueness. And you are a powerhouse of information on marketing resources and techy know-how. You are so very generous with your time and your knowledge.

And you're fun! You have a special balance of fun and spirituality, and neither out-focuses the other. You propel me to do the necessary work, and I enjoy what used to feel like drudgery or a waste of time.

Your coaching is both conversational and instructive. I'm learning more about myself while I'm learning how to better market my business. You don't hold back, and are honest about what you hear, think, and feel in our sessions.

Your acknowledgments instill a sense of mastery in me about the headways I have gained and, at the same time, I am clear on the areas where I continue to lack. I always walk away feeling more informed about what I'm doing well and where I can improve.

Patricia Klingler

I have a "known" pathway to the hearts and minds of those I will serve 
Nicki McCluskey

In only one brainstorming session, we discovered my new target market, a clear pathway to help prospective clients inquire about what I have to offer them, and unique, understandable language that expresses their particular needs.  Even though I’m an author, I’ve struggled with the latter; now I have a “known” pathway to the hearts and minds of those I will serve with my new Signature System.

Nicki McClusky

Marianne Weidlein

WOW!!! I just enjoyed the honor of a session with Kathy Mallary. Of all professional sessions and even conversations I've had, this is THE MOST powerful and memorable. Being transparent with her about myself, what I'm about, etc., was most gracious, easy, gentle, and remakably spot on.

I could go on and on, because I'm amazed. But all of this is to say, contact Kathy if you need a good coach and support. She will help, not only to make your day more magnificent than you can imagine, but your life as well.

Thank you, Kathy. You are Heaven-sent.

Marianne Weidlein

I'm invigorated and so is my business 

For a long time I felt I had the right pieces to make a winning online business. But I wasn't arranging them in the best way -- I was stuck, feeling frustrated. You helped me sort and re-arrange the pieces so they fit me and serve my ideal clients. My focus is clearer, I see why I'm making changes and I know my next steps. I'm invigorated and so is my business- thanks to you!

Dina Eisenberg

I need to give myself what I want to give my clients 

Before my coaching session with Kathy, I was struggling with knowing how to focus my energy in order to market my coaching business.

I discovered that I needed to take a step back and look at some bigger issues that were affecting my ability to market my coaching business. Specifically, that I need to create new beliefs that will help me stand in my power and that will allow me to say yes to what I want in life and in my coaching business.

Kathy helped me to see that I need to give myself what I want to give my clients. I need to build my life and my coaching business around my most important values.

Ed Herzog

Clear, quick, results-oriented action steps 

When I contacted Kathy to have a Deep Dive session, I was being challenged with my thought process around two things: 1) Starting a paid membership program...with a BANG!; and 2)  redefining my signature approach through speaking first. I wasn't sure which one I wanted to focus on, and I was honest in telling her that.

What surprised me most about our conversation was how “real” Kathy was, and how much fun we had. No ‘woo-woo’ or ‘poo-poo’ here. I’m all about the fun for myself and my clients, so to work with a coach that’s fun…oh yeah.

The biggest shift Kathy helped me with in my thinking was, I’m not building "a tall, small pond." Yeah, she told me that’s what I had been doing. Truth. She confirmed within me that I can play bigger than that.

I came away from my session with 2 or 3 very powerful phrases that describe who I am, what I am, and what I do. I’m not talking about a pitch statement or a networking phrase. I’m talking about what Kathy “heard” in me. This is what I should tell myself, that will always…always keep my talents in the forefront. These talents are invaluable to my clients! Cool thing is, I can also use them in my marketing. Bonus: Kathy helped me to shift my target market, based on these phrases!

I also came away with 3 important action steps that I could do right away. Two down, one to go!

If you want to take clear, quick, results-oriented action steps in your business...that would happen with Kathy!

Deni Carruth

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Who is Kathy Mallary?

Kathy Mallary is a signature coaching strategist in the Seattle, Washington area.

She loves partnering with clients on signature projects and helping forward-thinking coaches get more business.

When she's not developing knock out signature coaching programs and products with her clients, she enjoys cooking, hanging with her labradoodle, Maxine, and collecting infographics like other women collect shoes.

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