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With Kathy Mallary
Book a FREE Deep Dive

Book A Free Deep Dive Coaching Session

Building a successful coaching practice requires commitment to yourself, to your clients and to your outcomes. I can help you create an empowering future and a road map to get you there, but you have to be ready, committed and willing to put in the time and resources to make it happen.

But before you commit to a particular path or strategy, I want GIVE you something to help you feel more confident about whatever's next.

So please accept a free Deep Dive coaching session as my gift to you on your journey.

No strings attached.

This is not a sales pitch disguised as a free session. There will be no tricky psychological tactics or sneaky sales scripts, I promise.

It's not about getting you to buy a coaching program, nor is it a 'free taste/pink spoon' session.

But it's not just a casual chat or a 'pick my brains' conversation, either.

It's a deep, life-changing coaching conversation.

Together we'll look at where you are today and what you want to accomplish with your coaching. And we'll go DEEP to explore what's been holding you back and how you can have what you really want:

  • Get clear on the coaching success you really want
  • Uncover the essential elements you need to have the impact with clients that you desire
  • Discover what's blocking you from already having the successful signature coaching business you dream of
  • Identify clear next steps to move you toward the signature clients you most want
  • Leave the conversation feeling renewed, inspired, and re-energized about  your coaching and knowing exactly what to do next to achieve your dream

My aim is to give you a transformational experience that you'll remember for the rest of your life. In the process, we'll have a chance to see what it would be like to coach together.

I guarantee it will be worthwhile.

Other coaches might charge anywhere from $300 to $1000+ for this type of support.

I'm going to give you my undivided attention for up to 2 hours, free of charge. In return, all I ask is your willingness to be honest and go deep.

You'll either love it and want to keep going, or you'll leave feeling full and needing nothing further.

Either way is fine with me.

If you're ready for your free Deep Dive, fill out the form below. I’ll be in touch within 24 hours with further instructions.


I loved our Deep Dive session and especially how you stuck with me until I finally was able to see what I've kept in hiding.
-- Joan Bell

I'm surprised that I could have such a shift in a short period of time! The experience was powerful, calm and transformative. A lovely element was the mix of spiritual and practical, via a do-able exercise that really showed me how to access my heart.
-- Sally Branch

I feel a renewed sense of enthusiasm and hope for my business, and most importantly I feel  more confidence in myself.
--Linda Dessau

You helped me correct an error in my thinking about just what a signature system is--I came away with more clarity and some fantastic ideas.
-- Elaine Lockard

I could not believe the effectiveness of the questions. It was like you knew what I was thinking even though I didn't even know. I was guided down a path so gently and easily  -- it was just a wonderful experience.
-- Cameron Gallagher

Thanks Kathy for totally over-delivering! For a long time I felt I had the right pieces to  make a winning online business. But I wasn't arranging them in the best way- I was stuck, feeling frustrated.  You  helped me sort and re-arrange the pieces so they fit me and serve my ideal clients.  My focus is clearer, I see why  I'm making changes and I know my next steps.  I'm invigorated and so is my business- thanks to you!

-- Dina Eisenberg

I felt like I received some great insight and like you really focused on my strengths. I moved from feeling really stuck to feeling really motivated with a clear place to begin.


I hung up and immediately began pouring out onto paper a detailed summary of areas of focus, bullet points to be covered in a workshop setting, marketing taglines, etc. - all with a surprising amount of energy and ease.


I have a new level of confidence, some great tools, and a different energy for my focus. I'm very excited to get going on the ideas that have been popping up since our call. Thanks!


-- Chris Downing

Thank you not only for pulling out the stuff I didn't even know existed but providing excellent advice/suggestions based on your experience. It was fabulous.

-- Brenda Stanton

Who is Kathy Mallary?

Kathy Mallary is a signature coaching strategist in the Seattle, Washington area.

She loves partnering with clients on signature projects and helping forward-thinking coaches get more business.

When she's not developing knock out signature coaching programs and products with her clients, she enjoys cooking, hanging with her labradoodle, Maxine, and collecting infographics like other women collect shoes.

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About is Kathy's business site. It's full of articles, tools and resources on how self-employed coaches can work better with more clients with a signature coaching approach.

Typical topics covered on the site include:

- How to design and develop your signature coaching process

- How to expand your reach and fill your pipeline with qualified prospects

- How to convert potential clients into paying clients

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