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With Kathy Mallary
About My Signature Approach

If you're looking for advice on the latest internet marketing fads, how to write a sales page, or how to grow an email list, etc. – oops, you're in the wrong place!

That's not what I do.

I help coaches leverage their unique coaching signature.

I've learned that when a coach has a signature focus, their clients get better results--and the coach also gets better clients!

Your coaching signature begins with your genius -- the special gift you were born with. I remind my clients that coaching from  your genius gives you a crucial advantage as a coach. We each have a unique talent or ability, a special way of approaching or dealing with life that seems like second nature to us, but that our clients find especially helpful because it doesn't come so naturally for them.

My simple 6-part process for coaching with a signature focus:
My simple 6-part process for coaching with a signature focus:

01: Unique Value Proposition

  • Primary problem:  What your audience is working on
  • Signature twist:  Your perspective on how to turn the problem around
  • Top benefits: What your clients gain as a result

02: Story

  • How you got here
  • Your business mission
  • Your client’s story

03: Style

  • Your personal genius
  • Your preferred coaching style
  • Your distinctive branding

04: Method

  • Your signature coaching process
  • Your key concepts
  • Your signature framework

05: Offer

  • Coaching services
  • Training events
  • Information products

06: Outreach

  • Your writing strategy & signature content
  • Speaking strategy
  • Networking & referral strategy

What's different about my signature approach?

Two things help define my own coaching signature:

  1. Coaches often turn to me to get the keen insights and innovative strategies they can’t get elsewhere. Plenty of people can talk about how you should follow the same formula they're using with every other client, but there aren't many who are challenging the status quo and coming up with fresh ideas that change the game. I have a knack for making surprising connections and finding unconventional solutions.
  2. I offer Bottomless CoachingTM, which means you never have to worry about whether you're asking for too much or not getting enough support -- you get as much coaching as you need at a pace that works for you, instead of making do with a limited number of sessions. You'll have a link to my private online scheduling app so you can easily manage your coaching appointments and book a session whenever you need one. My clients love the sense of freedom and abundance this signature feature provides!

My investment came back ten-fold 
Deborah Munhoz

Working with Kathy has helped me expose more of my blind spots -- the areas where I didn’t know what I didn’t know. The concept of moving from my area of Expertise to my zone of Genius has helped me to see what the best and highest use of my skills is. That matters to me as I have had a sense there is something more, but couldn’t quite put my finger on what. My investment has come back to me 10 fold!

Deborah Munhoz

Who is Kathy Mallary?

Kathy Mallary is a signature coaching strategist in the Seattle, Washington area.

She loves partnering with clients on signature projects and helping forward-thinking coaches get more business.

When she's not developing knock out signature coaching programs and products with her clients, she enjoys cooking, hanging with her labradoodle, Maxine, and collecting infographics like other women collect shoes.

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About is Kathy's business site. It's full of articles, tools and resources on how self-employed coaches can work better with more clients with a signature coaching approach.

Typical topics covered on the site include:

- How to design and develop your signature coaching process

- How to expand your reach and fill your pipeline with qualified prospects

- How to convert potential clients into paying clients

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