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With Kathy Mallary
Who I Coach

You're in the right place if you're a coach who's earning a good living doing your best work--work that you care about, work that stretches and engages you and feels true to you, but...

  • Every time you try to work on your signature approach, you keep getting distracted by all the things you know about coaching in your particular niche -- so you end up spinning your wheels, starting and stopping a dozen different projects and creating more "to do" lists...
  • You keep saying “I should turn this into a signature program (or an info product)!” and your clients and friends all eagerly agree, but nothing has come of it...
  • You know you have something brilliant and valuable to share with people, and a signature focus would shift  your coaching to a whole new level, but it all just feels so overwhelming...

If that sounds familiar, I want to help you develop your coaching signature.

I work with coaches like you--bright, motivated and skillful.

You're fantastic at helping others, and you can figure most things out on your own when you have to.

But you're also ready for some powerful help from an insightful, innovative coach with a proven track record who will be the kind of unreserved champion for you that you are for your own clients.

Mentoring and teaching are a big part of my work.

When you don't know what to do or how to figure things out, it's hard to take action or make the right decisions. Yet we often aren't taught how to think about being in business and are left to figure it out on our own.

I provide simple, sustainable strategies for coaches who want to work with more clients and increase cash flow.

We'll focus in three key areas: Your inner game, which is all about your genius, mindset and inner wisdom; your outer game, which involves your business model, marketing and enrollment; and finally, the process, methodology and effectiveness of your signature coaching game.

inner game

Inner Game

  • Personal Growth
  • Genius Zone
  • Inner Guidance
  • Gaining Confidence
  • Creativity
  • Productivity
  • Boundaries
outer game

Outer Game

  • Business Model
  • Visibility & Networking
  • Referrals
  • Prospecting
  • Client Enrollment
  • Pricing
  • Marketing Strategy
coaching game

Coaching Game

  • Your Unique Signature
  • Coaching Packages
  • Group Coaching
  • Program Design
  • Tools & Materials
  • Client Service
  • Tips & Mentoring

Coaching with me is rewarding, insightful and FUN.

My job is to help you uncover your genius and provide you with the tools and coaching you need to succeed with a signature focus. 

I feel very grateful because I get to watch coaches unleash their unique brilliance on a daily basis.

For instance...

  • One of my clients decided to stop trying to do what she thought she "should" and started doing only what felt natural and simple in her marketing -- and was delighted to more than double her income within a year.
  • In a recent Deep Dive session, my client couldn't decide how to move forward with her career and personal life. I taught her a simple process for seeing a situation from different perspectives and we spent some time clarifying what she really wanted. Her heart lead her to a new job and a new city -- she even found a house just like the one she had envisioned in the exercise.
  • A client rebooted her practice and had her best year ever in spite of a significant personal setback that all but shut her business down.
  • Another felt overwhelmed with client work yet he wasn't making the money he thought he could. Within one month of our first session, he redesigned his signature packages and pricing and gave his clients notice that his coaching fees would be increasing. He's now earning more than ever, while no longer feelingoverbooked -- despite having a full practice.
  • A client came to me after spending nearly $50k on six-figure training programs only to be left overwhelmed by all the advice and information and without a clue how to put it to good use. I helped him create a clear vision for a business model that fit him. We then turned his $50k investment into a goldmine for his own signature coaching business.

If you're a kick-ass coach who wants to stop spinning your wheels and create a signature business that works...

...You're in the right place!

Stop being stuck in a place where it seems like everything is more difficult than it has to be, so you can have a successful signature coaching practice that makes as big a difference in your own life as it does in your clients' lives.

Who is Kathy Mallary?

Kathy Mallary is a signature coaching strategist in the Seattle, Washington area.

She loves partnering with clients on signature projects and helping forward-thinking coaches get more business.

When she's not developing knock out signature coaching programs and products with her clients, she enjoys cooking, hanging with her labradoodle, Maxine, and collecting infographics like other women collect shoes.

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About is Kathy's business site. It's full of articles, tools and resources on how self-employed coaches can work better with more clients with a signature coaching approach.

Typical topics covered on the site include:

- How to design and develop your signature coaching process

- How to expand your reach and fill your pipeline with qualified prospects

- How to convert potential clients into paying clients

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